Private, play-date, small group and Family LESSONS

75 minute lessons available weekly, bi-Weekly or on OCCASION.  


Lessons are custom designed based on your student's curiosity and are developmentally appropriate.  Projects can be studio practice-based or theme based. For example, a lesson can demonstrate and refine a drawing skill or a project could be designed around a special theme you are exploring in other subjects.  Often times, several skills are introduced in a single session - and students are left with more activities to practice at home or at school.  

Art lessons can take place on-site, in your home, or in any safe and quiet outdoor space.  Think: in a park on a blanket.  Parent-Child and Evening Family Classes are also available.

Lessons can include drawing, painting, printmaking, papermaking, bookmaking, collage, ceramics and sculpture.  Schedule a series of lessons with your friends!


COLORBRIDGE STUDIO LESSON  (on-site South Hampton neighborhood)

One-on-one art lesson     $40 

2 or 3 students     $50   ($17-$25 per student)

4 students         $60   ($15 per student)


OFF-SITE ART LESSONS (within 5 miles*)

One-on-one art lesson   $55 

2-3 students    $70   

small groups     $80+


Sample Lesson Descriptions:

This is our signature lesson!  Get ready - - - in one lesson:  students will explore color through a variety of mediums including clay, paper and chalk pastel.  Conversations and art-making will cover the color wheel, color mixing and logic.

There are a million different ways to draw and we will discover a few during this lesson.  From abstract material explorations to learning concepts of drawing from life.  We could draw forever and never do the same thing twice.

No two people paint in the same way.  Let's redefine the art form after careful examination of so many ways to mix and apply paint to the matrix.

Keeping a sketchbook is an exciting part of being an artist.  Better yet - let's make our own.  Using needle and thread we will hand-bind our own journals - - a work of art on it's own, not to mention what goes inside.

Printmaking is an extension of painting and drawing.  Consider your edition, prepare to engrave, collagraph and ink up!